Jan Hoek is a writer as well. In addition to his own indepedant work as an artist, he writes for magazines and newspapers about his own work, the work of others, photography in general and subjects related to his own work.

Jan Hoek is represented by Galerie Ron Mandos in Amsterdam.

Jan Hoek studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academie where he did Image & Language, graduated in 2012.


Solo Shows

2018, Boda Boda Madness, Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam

2017: Boda Boda Madness, Photoville, New York

2017: Duo presentation with Boris Mikhailov, Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam

2016: New Supermodels, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Schiedam , The Netherlands

2016: Unfair, solo presentation, Westergasterrein, Amsterdam

2016: Sistaaz of the Castle, in collaboration with fashion designer Duran Lantink, presented at Amsterdam Fashion Week and at FOAM (jan)

2016: Shooting Stars, solo exhibition, FOMU, Antwerp, Belgium

2015: Solo presentation, guest gallery Ron Mandos in Citroën garage Amsterdam. Part of Unseen Festival

2015: Panorama Carland, outdoor Panaroma at Gashoudervijver, Unseen Photo Festival, Amsterdam

2015: Riot, ‘Me & My Models the Gold Edition’, solo exhibition, Gent, Belgium

2015: The Stan/Jan-show, about the collaboration between Jan Hoek and Stan Aziz Abdul, a street painter living in Kumasi, Ghana, exhibition in: De Balie, Amsterdam

2013: $€XXX, show in collaboration with fashion designer Nieuw Jurk, 2PR, Amsterdam

2013: Me & My Models, (solo exhibition) New Holland, St. Petersburg, Russia

2013: Unfair, The Sweet Crazies That Didn’t Want To Be Photographed, Amsterdam

2013: Sweet Crazies, solo exhibition, Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam

2013: Me & My Models, solo exhibition, FOAM, Amsterdam

2012: Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul (represented by Galerie Ron Mandos), Turkey

2012: Solo exhibition ‘Sweet Crazies’ in de Openbare Bibliotheek Utrecht, The Netherlands

2011: Soloshow in galerie Artpocalypse Collective with the series ‘Sweet Crazies, Amsterdam


Group Shows

2017: Lagos Photo, My Maasai and The “Real” Somali Pirates, Lagos

2017: Scooters Will Never Die!!!!, Het Tijdelijk Museum, Amsterdam

2017: Bending the Frame, curated by Fred Ritchin, Western Gallery, New York

2017: Haus der Kunst, Factor X, München

2017: Jubileumtentoonstelling 30×30, CBK Zuid-Oost, Amsterdam

2017: Expoplu, Gender: A Universal Language, Nijmegen

2017: Colony Studio’s, Hyperrealism, New York

2016: AIR (artist in residency), CBK Zuid-Oost, Amsterdam

2016: A Bed End Story (curated by Aldo van den Broek), Berlin Art Week, Berlin, Germany

2016: ‘Woonrubriek zoals God het bedoeld heeft’, Breda Photo, The Netherlands

2016: The Ultimate Sailor, showing ‘The “real” Somali Pirates, Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam

2016: Volkskrant Beeldende Kunstprijs, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

2016: Margin of Visual Treshold, Circle Art Gallery, Shenzhen, China

2016: QUICKSCAN NL#02, Fotomuseum Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2016: (S)he, CBK Zuid-Oost, Amsterdam

2015: Young International Artists, duoshow with Mohau Modisakeng, (by Galerie Ron Mandos) Paris, France

2015: Unseen, represented by Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam

2015: The Devil is in Detail, SBK Dordrecht, group exhibition, Dordrecht, The Netherlands

2015: Do you hear me?, group exhibition FOTODOK, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2015: We Like Art, Art Rotterdam (feb)

2015: Plat(t)form, selected portfolio viewing, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Swiss

2014: AIR in Zuid-Oost 2014, groepstentoonstelling CBK Zuid-Oost, Amsterdam

2014: Lagos Photo, showing New Ways Of Photographing the New Masai, Lagos, Nigeria

2014: Best of Ron Mandos best of graduates, De Kring, Amsterdam

2014: FOAM Town, group show, Felix&FOAM, Amsterdam

2014: Residency Surface Arts, Chiang-Mai, Thailand

2014: He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China, group show curated by Foam Amsterdam

2014: The Space Between Us, group show, Felix & Foam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2014: The Moving Museum of Clothes, group show, CEC Zuid-Oost

2013  – 2014:  New works of painting, photo and sculpture at the Margulies collection, Warehouse, Miami, US

2014: Lagos Photo, showing Sweet Crazies, Lagos, Nigeria (okt)

2014: Art Rotterdam, represented by Galerie Ron Mandos (feb)

2013: In Delta Flux, Jakarta, group show curated by Impakt (dec)

2013: Art in Redlight, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam (dec)

2013: Middle Gate ’13 (group show curated by Jan Hoet), Geel, België (till januari)

2013: Sweet Crazies, Lagos Photo Festival, Lagos (nov)

2013: Wool Week Expo, Oude Kerk, (group show) Amsterdam

2013: Group Show, Easy Living, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, Diepenheim, The Netherlands

2012: Group Show, Van Perskamer tot Kunstpaleis, The Times, Amsterdam

2012: Viewing ‘Me & My Models’, Impakt Festival, Utrecht

2012: Pop up-nl, London, represented by Ron Mandos

2012: Unseen Photo Fair, Sweet Crazies, represented by Ron Mandos, Amsterdam

2012: Group show ‘Best of the Graduates 2012′ in galerie Ron Mandos in Amsterdam

2012: Graduation Show Gerrit Rietveld Academie with ‘Me & My Models’

2012: Group show ‘Out of the fridge’ in Berm Collectief, Amsterdam

2011: Group Show ‘Teenage Magazines’ in FOAM, Amsterdam

2010: Gabberperformance at Rietveld Uncut, De Brakke Grond


Publications (books)

2017: My Maasai, by Art Paper Editions (group project)

2015: Publication: The Pattaya Sex Bubble 1 t/m 10, by Art Paper Editions

2014: Publication ‘New Ways of Photographing The New Masai’ by Art Paper Editions

2013: Publication, ‘Marktplaatspoëzie’, Nijgh & Van Ditmar

2012: Publication ‘Me & My Models’ in news paper form, published by Art Paper editions

Prices & Awards

2016: Winner Dutch Design Awards in category Fashion for Sistaaz of the Castle

2016: Nomination Volkskrant Beeldende Kunstprijs

2015: Winner Charlotte Kohler-price 2015, by Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds

2015: Nominated for the FOAM Paul Huf Award

2013: Nominated for the Dutch Doc Awards for The Sweet Crazies

2013: Nominated for the Dutch Doc Awards for Me & My Models


Press highlights

2016: Article on my work in dutch newspaper Trouw

2016: Sistaaz of the Castle-publication in march issue of Vice US (8 pages), online translated in over more then 20 countries

2016: Publication of the series “Sistaaz of the Castle’ in L’HOMO magazine (10 pages)

2016: Feature of ‘the “real” Somali pirates’ (8 pages) in Vrij Nederland

2016: Article about Sistaaz of the Castle in British Journal of Photography

2016: Publication of the series Sistaaz of the Castle in Vrij Nederland

2016: Article on my work in Dutch newspaper Het Parool

2015: Article on my work i VICE US, translated in more then 10 countries

2015: Article about my new series with Kim Supermodel in the dutch Volkskrant

2015: Article on my collaboration with the Ghanese street artist Stan Aziz Abdul in De Groene Amsterdammer

2015: Featured in a article in The Guardian

2015: Featured in article in Dazed & Confused

2015: Article on Stan/Jan-show in dutch news paper Het Parool

2014: Series of 10 pages made exclusively for Vrij Nederland: The New Piets

2012: Publication Sweet Crazies, FOAM Magazine

2012: Publication from work ‘Me & My Models’ (6 pages) in C.I.N.V.U., an art magazine about loneliness

2011: Publication dutch Vice Magazine of the Sweet Crazies (8 pages)

2010: Initiator of a fashion shoot in Vice where his baby sitting brother Bruin with Down Syndrome took all photo’s and did the styling and had the choice of models and locations


Written articles (selection)

2017: Hoe vergaat het kunstnaars die een één-ster-recensie krijgen, Vice.

2016: ‘Woonrubriek zoals God het eigenlijk bedoeld had’ voor Volkskrant Magazine

2015-now: Art editor at the Dutch Vice Magazine, with every two weeks my own art column

2003-now: Editor Mister Motley, dutch art magazine (interviews, essays, personal art stories)

2015: Essay for American Suburb X: The (Im)possibilities to Shoot as a White Photographer on the African Continent

2015: Essay voor Vrij Nederland: ‘Kunst verzamelen zonder geld’

2014: Article for dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad and NRC.Next: ‘Mijn racistische salontafel’

2014: ‘Cursus Vakantiefoto’s maken die niet saai zijn’ for Vrij Nederland

2014: Opinion article for dutch newspaper NRC.Next ‘Wees geen krent als je in een ander land bent’

2013: Marktplaatspoëzie, was placed in NRC.Next for a year a few times a week.


Events & Other projects

2017: Maker of Museumnacht Amsterdam 2017 campaign

2016: Curator and initiative taker of the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum in collaboration with dutch news paper Het Parool and curator Zippora Elders and artist Mick Johan.

2016: Shot the radical ‘Radically Honest’ Campaign for Moyee Coffee in Addis Ababa, a campaign in which I had the freedom to make images that could be critical as well.

2014-2016: Regular guest editor at Lost & Found, evening for lost image & sounds, Amsterdam

2015: Organiser and curator of The Pattaya Sex Party, in collaboration with writer Alma Mathijsen, Club Church, Amsterdam

2015: De Exotische Witte / De Exotische Zwarte. Curator/organiser of this event in De Balie, Amsterdam

2013: Mzungu The Exhibition, collaboration with Tanzanian KFI-students, curator and teacher for this exhibition, Arusha, Tanzania