About Jan Hoek

Jan Hoek (1984) is artist and writer.

Jan Hoek  is an Amsterdam based artist photographer  and a writer. In his work he is always attracted to the beauty of outsiders worldwide and always keen to collaborate intensively with people that normally are overlooked and create together a new image. He photographed movie star like Nairobi based motor taxi riders, a Amsterdam based ex heroine addict who always dreamed of being a super model, created psychedelic zines about the sex tourist capital of the world Pattaya, and made a serie about the Maasai who not identify with the jumping stereotype image. In the universe of Hoek the ‘normal’ people are the strangers and the outsiders are the funky rulers of this planet.
Hoek‘s work is shown at places such as Foam (Amsterdam), Unseen Festival (Amsterdam), Photoville (New York), Fomu (Antwerp) and Lagos Photo (Lagos).