Kim in my house
Kim Supermodel Shoot - The theme was blue, her favorite color, but she hated all the blue clothes so it ended up with not so much blue
Kim Supermodel shoot - Wintersport theme
Kim and Paul wearing Nada van Dalen wedding outfit 3
Kim Supermodel shoot - Animal theme because Kim loves animals
Kim and Paul with Nada van Dalen
Kim and Paul asleep on their holiday
Kim on the cover of King Kong Magazine
Kim in het own portretsuit painted by Ghana artist Stan Aziz in collaboration with Bonnesuits

Kim and Paul’s trip

This project is a collaboration with Kim, a former drug addicted homeless woman who I met in front of my local supermarket. I wanted to photograph her in my house, what first scared her, but turned out to be the start of a life long friendship.

Kim’s ultimate dream was to become a professional super model thus later on we were able to organize a ‘real’ photoshoot with styling, hair, make-up in a studio setting. This series was published by Dutch newspaper Het Parool and shown in FOAM Amsterdam.

Me and Kim have stayed in touch, and our relationship has since led to other projects such as ‘Kim & Paul’s trip’ for which we went in a special Kim-bus on her first holiday ever also together with the love of her life Paul.

While in the beginning I was afraid to give Kim too much expectations about being a professional model, we were both in our thirties, not really a model age anymore, more and more fashion designers started to approach us that they wanted to work with Kim, and in the end she ended up as cover model for the international King Kong Magazine.

To my great sadness, Kim past away unexpected in 2018. I miss her and wish we could have done so much more covershoots together.

Previously shown at: 
King Kong Magazine, (international publication) 2018

Installation pics

Super Model Kim - FoMu (Antwerp)