Alwin on The Disco Scooter
Duran on the Hamburgerscooter
Lucas on the Camera Scooter
Lotte on the Barbie Scooter
Myself on the Fire Scooter
The scooter of death
The Team

Scooters will never die!!!

A project for which I collaborated with refugees from different African countries where they have a tradition of customizing vehicles into riding art works. Part of the scooter metamorfose team was Mamoon Hashim (a spray painter from Sudan), Abdulaziz Manon (a designer from Sudan) and Bacardi Zouberou (a mechanic from Kameroen)

The project fights and compares the prejudices people have against both refugees and scooter drivers in Amsterdam. Every scooter is customized to the wishes of the owner who is portrayed with it and they all can be seen now driving through Amsterdam. This project was made in collaboration with Het Tijdelijk Museum. Coverage has been published in the New York Times, De Volkskrant and Het Parool.

Previously shown at:
Het Tijdelijk Museum, Amsterdam 2019

Installation pics

Scooters will never die!!! - Tijdelijk Museum (Amsterdam)