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Jan and Bobbin with Boda Boda taxi Riders

Boda Boda Madness

2015 - 2018

This project is a collaboration between me and Ugandan-Kenyan fashion designer Bobbin Case. Both Bobbin and me were fascinated by the many motor taxis, known as Boda Boda, driving around Nairobi. There are so many of them that some drivers build the most fantastically-themed motorcycles in order to stand out from the other taxis and attract the attention of customers.

However, we thought the bikers forgot one thing when they customized their rides: their own looks. We selected seven Boda Boda drivers with the most awesome bikes and sat down with each of them to create brand new outfits to complete the characters. I photographed the Boda Boda drivers with their new looks in the style of real life action figures in front of Nairobi landscapes.
The nice thing is that because of their new outfits their income went up, so they really kept on using their costumes. Maybe if you by chance visit Nairobi one of them will be your taxi guy.

Will be shown at: 
Now Look Here, (Amsterdam) 2020
Previously shown at:
Getxo Photo Festival (Getxo), 2019
N'Gola Festival (Sao Tomé), 2019
Rencontres d'Arles, (Arles) 2019
Melkweg Gallery (Amsterdam), 2018 Nest, (Den Haag), 2018 Kunstfort Vijfhuizen (Vijfhuizen), 2018

Installation pics

Boda Boda Madness - Getxo Photo Festival (Getxo)

N'gola festival (Sao Tomé) 

Melkweg (Amsterdam)
N'gola festival (Sao Tomé)

N'gola festival (Sao Tomé)

Photoville (New York)